Wheaton Pedestrian Safety Plan To Lower Residential Speed Limits

Improved Wheaton pedestrian safety is a stated goal of a recently approved plan to lower the speed limit on most residential streets.  The new speed limit will be 25 mph, compared to the current 30 mph speed limit.

Pedestrian safety continues to be a national concern, due to the ongoing high (from a historical perspective) level of pedestrian accidents.  As further discussed on the “DuPage County Pedestrian Accidents” page, accidents in which people are hit by cars or other vehicles often cause serious accident injuries.  In some cases, these injuries lead to the death of the pedestrian.  As seen in the DuPage County pedestrian accidents that have been summarized on this site, a broad range of serious accident injuries can occur if a person is struck by a vehicle.  Among the most serious of these injuries is brain injuries.

An excerpt regarding the Wheaton pedestrian safety initiative, from the July 17, 2018 Kane County Chronicle article titled “Wheaton lowers speed limit for residential streets“:

City Council member Suzanne Fitch said the new speed limits are “just one component” to making streets safer for pedestrians.

“We also have our sidewalk program ensuring that we have a sidewalk on at least one side of a street so kids can get safely to and from school,” Fitch said. “And then I think another component is having the police department or communications department educate residents about the dangers of distracted driving. And maybe when we do our education campaign for the new speed limit, we can incorporate that as well.”

Additional details and possible updates concerning this Wheaton pedestrian safety initiative can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above as well as the July 17 Lisle Patch article titled “Wheaton Lowers Speed Limit In Neighborhoods.”  Both articles list which streets will remain at their current speed limits.

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