DuPage County Accidents

DuPage County Traffic

Like many Illinois counties in the Chicago area, DuPage County has a variety of major expressways, highways and roads that carry heavy traffic.  Some of these include Interstate 88 (I-88), Interstate 355 (I-355), Interstate 290 (I-290) and Interstate 294 (I-294).  As well, there are various Illinois Routes, including

  • Illinois Route 19 (Irving Park Road)
  • Illinois Route 38 (Roosevelt Road)
  • Illinois Route 53 (Rohlwing Road)
  • Illinois Route 56 (Butterfield Road)
  • Illinois Route 59 (Sutton Road)
  • Illinois Route 64 (North Avenue)
  • Illinois Route 83 (Kingery Highway)

Other major roads are numerous.

DuPage County Crashes

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) indicates in the 2012 Illinois Crash Facts and Statistics (pdf) that in year 2012 DuPage County had the 2nd most vehicle crashes of any Illinois county.  In 2012, there were 18,227 crashes in DuPage County.  21 of these crashes were fatal.  4,167 of these 18,227 crashes caused accident injuries.

Reasons For DuPage County Crashes

The IDOT statistics mentioned above do provide various information as to the crashes.  Among the information provided is the “driver condition.”  As seen in the detail, the vast majority of the drivers involved were categorized as “normal,” although a significant number of drivers had some type of impairment, including “alcohol impaired,” “drug impaired,” “fatigued,” and “illness.”

Vehicle accident in DuPage County – like those accidents elsewhere in Illinois – can happen for any number of reasons.  While some of these reasons are due to the carelessness or negligence of drivers, some – like unanticipated road hazards – can cause injury without a driver being at fault.

Regardless of who is it fault for a DuPage County vehicle accident, there are certain steps that one should take if one is in a vehicle accident.  These steps are further discussed in the “Steps To Follow After A DuPage County Vehicle Accident” page.

As one can see on this page, one of the steps is “Get a medical check-up.”  There are various reasons underlying this recommendation, including those both medical and legal. From a medical perspective, some vehicle accident injuries may not be readily apparent at the time of the accident…i.e. the symptoms of these injuries may not immediately manifest, even if these injuries are serious in nature.  For this reason, one should get a thorough medical exam after a vehicle accident to make sure that any injuries are promptly identified and properly treated.

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